Local loans: Personal contribution: how to refuel?

If the majority of banks require a personal contribution up to the cost of underwriting a home loan (notary, agency, file fees …), there are solutions to support and encourage the first purchase.

Like the zero-interest loan (PTZ +), the Housing Action Loan and the Housing Savings Loan intended to promote homeownership, there are assistance systems to be taken from local authorities, regional councils.

Local loans

Local loans

Traditionally subject to means tests, local interest-free loans are the result of an agreement signed between the city and the banks, to help households finance a new, old acquisition, with or without work.

For example, there is a 0% Paris Housing Loan. Combinable with a PTZ + loan, it is capped at $ 24,200 for a single person and $ 39,600 for two or more. Note that in Paris, there is also the 0% residential course loan intended for the tenant of social housing (HLM, mixed economy company, etc.) in the 75, but it cannot be combined with the PPL in 0%.

Aimed at first-time buyers, these mortgage solutions exist in many large cities such as Marseille, Annecy, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Nantes, but also Nice, Rennes, Saint-Malo, etc.

Departmental aid

Departmental aid

The departmental councils have also implemented aid, subject to income conditions. Most of the time, if the borrower can benefit from the PTZ +, he can supplement this system by that of the services of the department of his future place of residence.

But there are also departmental aids to carry out renovations. Like Good Finance, which offers a subsidy of 25% of the cost of the work, for a house and 30%, for collective housing. Without forgetting, the city of Nantes and the urban community, which also put their hands in their pocket, to promote the fight against termites or help in the repair of facades.

Note that there are also departmental councils, which also support accessibility work and work in favor of renewable energies.

Certain beneficiaries benefiting from a CAF benefit may benefit from the legal loan for the improvement of their main home: repair, insulation, extension, sanitation, sanitary, gas or gas installation. ‘electricity.

Aid that can reach 80% of the amount of expenses incurred 


Up to a limit of $ 1,067. Built on the basis of an interest rate of 1%, this loan is then repayable in 36 monthly payments maximum. Note that the benefiting owners can increase the ceiling of this legal loan, to reach $ 3,200, repayable in 48 monthly installments.

It is possible to supplement this legal loan by a loan for the improvement of the social action habitat, subject to certain conditions and which can reach up to 4000 $.

Looking for subsidized credits? Do not stop at national systems only (zero rate loan [PTZ +], Housing Action Loan, Housing Savings Loan, etc.), inquire with departmental councils and town halls, to find out about aid actions accession or renovation in your geographic area. And do not forget the support of CAF, if you are the recipient of one of the services eligible for these devices.

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