Beware of dubious loan offers on the Internet

There are many temptations on the Internet, loans despite debt enforcement or loans without Credit Checker, loans with foreign banks, etc.

Don’t fall for these loan providers! These dubious providers are not about financing a loan, but only about collecting high fees. These pull the last money out of the pocket of the people who are in financial need!

Despite the Small Credit Act


There are still various dubious companies on the Internet. So take a close look at such dubious providers! And above all, you pay NO fees! Most of them are companies that only offer financial restructuring. You will quickly notice that it is only illegal temptations and promises.

Most credit companies that advertise such lure offers come from abroad, such as B. Germany, Austria, England, Spain, etc. For individual customers, it is impossible to take legal action here, since these companies operate abroad. Since 2003 it has been strictly forbidden by the law to charge the customer additional fees for a loan.

We list the most common tricks of the credit rip-off

We list the most common tricks of the credit rip-off

Consumers in need of money reach for every straw. Also, unconditional loan offers à la “We do not reject anyone!”, “We give you credit – even without a credit check.” Seem tempting. But be careful, this is a trap.

Such offers from credit intermediaries are often the last hope for consumers in financial situations. But in reality, there is a trap behind it: “Instead of the hoped-for money blessing, customers are sent an invoice.” This can increase the financial need. The reason: Instead of arranging a loan, customers have commissioned a so-called fee-based financial restructuring. “This is nothing more than commercial debt counseling, but without any guarantee that the situation of the consumer will improve.

The financial reorganizer does not even have to provide the customer with proof of activity. “This means that consumers should pay an invoice without the alleged intermediary having to prove that he has performed the service owed.

Even if the financial worries are great, customers should not sign contracts that they have not read carefully, especially with such promises. “In the contracts, the term ‘financial reorganization ‘ and the payment agreement often only appear in the small print, then you better stay away from it. Offers that require prepayment or cash on delivery should be avoided by consumers.

Credit despite debt enforcement

Credit despite debt enforcement

A second attempt at temptation is often through debt enforcement. In spite of debt enforcement, loans are offered and promised online. If you have debt enforcement, you are usually not considered creditworthy. Read our blog post “Do I get a loan with open debt enforcement?”


A credit broker earns from the commission that is reimbursed by the bank and not from the processing fees. In order to protect the consumer, all fees must be included in the loan interest. However, credit fraudsters on the Internet network first ask for an advance payment in order to send the contract documents at all. If fees are charged, they are not reputable lenders.

Forwarding to the 0900 number

Dubious companies promise cheap instant loans. Interested parties have to call an expensive 0900 number and are then held up for hours. But behind it lies a cost trap that is dear to you.

If the promise is empty, the instant credit remains. So that the customer can go through the whole thing again, the law states that the small loan may only be paid out after 14 days. So it is impossible to have the money immediately.

Unrealistic interest rate offers
If a broker advertises with low-interest rates, you should consequently ignore this! In Switzerland, the lowest loan interest rate is from 5.9% to a maximum of 15%.

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